Life after the marathon… without running!

Wow… it has been way too long since I last posted on this blog! You would think with graduating and having much more free time I would be posting like crazy, but unfortunately life hasn’t really slowed down like I thought it would. Even though I did graduate and finished my marathon, I still feel like I’m constantly on the go. But my time is being filled by things I’m choosing to do, not that I am forced to do or because I have to. It’s all about perception people 🙂 Speaking of, I’m big on the whole, if you change your perception on something it will change your attitude on it, specifically with healthy living! So many people think altering your diet or changing your exercising habits are so daunting and challenging because it requires sacrifices and a lot of will power and motivation. Trust me, I know! But if you look at things just slightly different, it can really change the way you focus or perceive your healthy changes and make you look forward to the new lifestyle! I’ve really tried to push this to the extreme with the new program I’m doing, Jamie Eason’s Live Fit Trainer. 

Now if you’ve ready my GIANT narrative on my story, you know that even though I love running, I love strength training just as much. There’s nothing like pushing your limit with weights and feeling sore the next couple of days, and feeling your body changing. Honestly, after my marathon I was really excited to do something different and this program was the perfect choice! A girlfriend of mine from work really wanted to do this, and asked if I would do it with her. Of course I jumped on board; working out with a partner, especially a friend is super motivating and really makes me stay on track with my diet and workouts! Plus who doesn’t love a workout buddy! Now I’ve actually looked into this program before I decided to run my marathon, so I knew a little bit about it, and one memory stuck in my head before I committed… “No cardio during the first phase”. Considering I’m an intense cardio addict, this was the reason I decided to ditch it the first time around. I knew that not doing cardio for a month would be a mental and physical struggle for me, and I just wasn’t ready to give it up yet. But after running my marathon and taking a break from training… I seriously have had no running withdrawals. I go on runs here and there, and actually just run to run. No garmin, no mapped out distances, no water belts and early mornings… just running to run. Granted I still have been doing cardio like Insanity and T25, but just for pure enjoyment… not because I have to. Don’t get me wrong I still love running just as much as I did at 7:30 AM when the gun went off for my first marathon, but I’m not ready to jump into training for another one just yet! Needless to say I was very excited to start this program.

To spare everyone some time, if you’re interested in learning about this program, here’s the link

It’s basically a 3 phase program, each phase consisting of 4 weeks. She provides you with your workouts daily and with helpful tips on getting the most out of your strength training. She also provides you with a food/diet plan which in short terms is no processed foods, lots of protein, and little to no caffeine. She has supplemental suggestions too if you’re into that sort of thing. The first phase is no cardio and basically gets your muscles used to lifting weights and allows yourself some time to get comfortable in a gym setting lifting with machines and free weights, which means workouts only last between half an hour to an hour, depending on traffic at the gym and what not. This phase starts out with 4 workouts a week and moves into 5, each day focusing on 1-2 muscle groups. Second phase you begin to incorporate cardio and you start having more exercises with heavier weights and less reps. You move into 5-6 days a week of workouts, and you also incorporate burn-out sessions. At this point in the game you should be pretty comfortable in your eating plan and with the different machines. Phase 3 is pretty intense and focuses on more muscles per day, and high intensity cardio. Your workouts are lasting longer in phase 3, so if you’re on a time restriction that’s less than 45 minutes, this may not be a program you want to commit to. 

We took measurements, our weight, and took before pictures so we can track our changes. We decided to take our measurements and weight again at the end of each phase rather than at the end of each week. One thing too about this program is it requires a lot of food prep since you’re eating clean and have a restricted allowed food list, but I enjoy being in the kitchen and getting creative! 

At this point in the program, we just finished week 2 and I’m already loving the changes! I haven’t noticed much yet with the strength training as I was strength training before this started, but I have been pushing myself more with the weight I use, and I’m getting more comfortable on machines. But I have noticed a drastic change in the way I feel mentally and physically with eating clean. 

I have so much more energy throughout the day and in the morning, and I don’t need to rely on caffeine to get me through my 7:00 – 3:30 workday. If I do need a little pick-me up, I use Mio or some form of sugar-free water enhancer. I also have been buying basically everything at my local farmers market and doing all of my food prep on Sundays, and even though I feel like I’m buying food more often, it’s healthier and cheaper so I’m saving money 🙂 

I’m really enjoying this program and it definitely helps that I’m doing it with a friend who is super motivated too! We compare recipes and use each other to motivate one another, or to push each other through reps. Considering we work together too it makes it easy to stay on track with our food plans. Here’s what a normal day of eating looks like with this plan:

7:00 AM – Breakfast: 3-4 egg whites, ground or fresh lean turkey, unlimited vegetables and a serving of starch. So typically I make an egg white omelet, with spinach, bell peppers, ground turkey, and if I want some flavoring I use all natural salsa to top it off. I have a hard time fitting a starch in because I’m usually full, but if I do it’s 2 rice cakes (brown rice cakes with no flavoring) or a cup of oatmeal with honey. Water to drink or I’ll do coffee with truvia.

10:00 AM – Mid-morning snack: Veggies or two rice cakes with a natural peanut butter, or cottage cheese with a TBSP of natural no sugar added jelly. Also sometimes I like to make a protein shake with spinach and fresh strawberries and drink 1/2 of it for morning snack and 1/2 for afternoon snack.

1:00 PM – Lunch: Spinach salad with lean turkey or baked chicken, feta cheese, unlimited veggies in it and I usually through in egg whites from a hard-boiled egg, and then a sweet potato or asparagus for a side. Water to drink. During lunch I take my multi-vitamin, calcium pills, and fish oil pills.

4:00 PM – Afternoon snack: Same thing as AM snack, or I’ll do two rice cakes with avocado and lean turkey, so it kind of forms a mini sandwich 🙂 

6:00 PM – Protein shake immediately following workout

6:30 PM – Dinner: Same as lunch, or I’ll do a brown rice bowl with unlimited veggies and baked chicken. I take my 2nd serving of supplements at dinner too and drink lots of water. 

Even just in in the last two weeks I’ve cut out so many things that I used to think were healthy or natural that are actually processed or have a lot of added sugar. This may sound boring or like a crazy restricted diet, but she actually has a GIANT list of allowed foods, and I just have preference of what I like to eat to get all of my protein and starches in. Plus my weekends have been crazy busy lately so getting to creative just hasn’t been an option for me yet. Now of course I’ve had my moments where I just want to inhale a piece of pizza, or buy a skinny cow treat from the vending machine at work. But that’s another great thing about working with my workout buddy, we go to each other with our struggles and in our moments of weakness and talk each other out of it! 

I’m excited to see the transformation from this program, and the results I get from eating clean! Now we do allow ourselves a cheat meal or sometimes even a cheat day, because we can and those are the best days! 

Has anyone done this program, and if so what were your results like?!

If you want to know more about the program, check out the link above or feel free to ask any questions! 

Also check back in sometime in the next week for a new organic whey protein product review 🙂

Make it a great day!