Current Marathon Training Schedule

Here is my current training schedule that I created for the Bayshore Marathon on Memorial weekend. This training schedule is a combination of Hal Higdon’s Novice I schedule for marathon runners and a schedule that I found while searching runner’s blogs that incorporated speed training. Also, I adjusted it from 18 weeks to 20 weeks, solely for the fact that I want to hit the 20 mile mark more than once before the race. Again, as I discuss in my training portion of this blog… it’s all about personal preference. You have to do what works for you and your body, and also what will work with your schedule. The Novice I allows me to fit four runs in throughout the week, while also incorporating some cross training on my days that aren’t as late. Shop around for what schedule speaks to you, and if none fit perfectly with you, just go my route and make your own!

For this race, I incorporated foundation running in the beginning with speed training beginning in the second month. As my training continues, your long runs build progressively every week. I make sure to have a “stepback” week every third week though, which is where I reduce my mileage in order to allow my body to recover and gain some strength for the next upward push in my long runs. You’ll notice too on my calendars that I make notes of the cross training that I do, the fueling that I used on my long runs and how it made me feel, also just how I felt overall during a run. I can not emphasize enough though, this is the schedule I created to suit me best; if you feel like mine could be a good fit for you, great! If not, keep shopping and have fun with it. Look around on some other blogs and see what they used, look at running websites or sometimes specific race websites will put specific training programs on their website. All in all, just find the one that feels right to you… I mean you’re the one that has to commit to it for AT LEAST a quarter of a year…. 😉






I like to color coordinate my types of runs. This picture just shows how I keep track of what each color means.


I thought I’d give you all a little snap shot of what I intend on my post-race to look like… the only thing I didn’t include on this is the fact that Jordan will be meeting me at the finish line with a doughnut with lots and lots of cream filling, and a large glass of chocolate milk 🙂 Sometimes I really think I sign up for races for the pure enjoyment of pigging out after I cross the finish line… is that bad? Not at all.


Lastly…. I like to have a little motivation around my schedule when I look at the run I have to complete that day and am seriously considering laying on the couch. If I had more time in my life I would probably get really creative with this, but for now, the front of my refrigerator will do…



Do you have a certain way you find motivation when it’s seriously lacking?



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