Lansing Color Run

The Happiest 5K on the Planet!

I was super excited when I saw that Lansing was hosting a color run in the summer. I had a lot of friends that had participated in the color run the previous year, and the pictures made it seem like it was such a fun experience. Plus, who doesn’t run through colored chalk in all white?

For this race, I made a team with a few friends at work and a girlfriend from school that also enjoys running. Since this was more of a fun race, we decided to not worry about time or anything and just enjoy the experience with good company!

We all signed up and needed a sweet team name… and after going through several possibilities, we decided on “Hookers on Fire” since one of the girl’s last name was Hooker. Two of the girls on the team had recently started running, and one was even doing the couch to 5K plan, so I was really excited to a part of a race with them during their own running journeys.

Playmakers, Lansing’s local running store was hosting the event, so they had a huge packet pick-up the day before the race and also had a huge sale going in their store! My friend Hollie and I took advantage of the sale and bought some Color Run apparel (socks, super fun tutu’s and sunglasses) for the race, and then went to go find some white shirts to wear.


We decided to all meet up a few miles away from the race, so we could carpool together and hopefully find parking somewhat close. I decided to drive since I had leather seats, and still made sure to bring towels just in case things got messy!

After getting in my “costume” and doing some last minute checks, I headed over to get Hollie and then to meet up with Bree. We were all super excited to see the course and all of the fun stuff going on downtown before the race. The only problem was that Katie had to meet us there, and since they didn’t have a check-in station, none of us brought our phones or anything, so we were doing circles around the start-up hoping we would find Katie out of the thousands of people that were there…. next time we’ll plan better. πŸ™‚


Thankfully I saw her running down the street, and was able to yell loud enough to get her attention. We had about a minute left before the race started! lol


Our team before the race!

After snapping a few pictures, we got in line and waited for the gun. It was probably the best energy and environment I’ve experienced before the start of a race. There was music going and prizes being thrown into the crowd, and everyone was equally as excited to get to the first color station.

We made a few stops along the way of the race, and went slower at times during the color stations just to get the full experience! As we got closer to the finish line we all pushed each other and crossed it together. It was such a blast and I couldn’t have picked a better group to run it with.


Our group after the race, before the color throw!

Now it was time to celebrate! We all saved out color bags for the after party to throw with everyone in the crowd. I can’t even really described what it felt like being in a giant cloud of colors… it was like being in the middle of a rainbow… if rainbows were made out of chalk.





It was quite the experience… there may have been a few moments of chocking and not being able to breathe…. but I guess it was worth it. After that experience we stepped back to get some more pictures and to watch the next color throw from behind.









After the after party, we headed back to our cars and tried to make as a little of a mess as we could. Seriously, there was chalk everywhere… even on our tongues, which is gross. We decided to celebrate with some celebratory mimosas before we parted ways.


After it was all said and done… this was the end result



Was it worth it? Yes, for the experience. I think I only need to experience the color run once though. It was a blast, and getting to run through chalk being thrown at you is something everyone should probably experience, just to say you have. But I had chalk all in my car, even though we were super careful and put towels down everywhere. So anytime I got in my car after that, my clothes would get stained with purple or red chalk that would be on my seat belt that I just didn’t notice. It also stained my shower and shower curtain pretty bad, and I had purple spots in my hair for a few weeks following. Again, it was fun and really exciting, but I don’t think it would be as exciting the second time around after knowing what would be coming. I also inhaled A LOT of chalk… and now I know why a lot of runners had masks over their mouths during the race. They also probably weren’t spitting up purple for the next few days. Live and learn right?

That being said, if you have the opportunity to run a color run, run it. Fun themes make races super enjoyable to do with friends, and getting to wear crazy costumes and tutus make them all the better πŸ™‚

Make it a great day!







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