Venison to Vegan: Lent 2014

Lent, what a great time, whether you are religious or not it gives us all an excuse to change something about ourselves for the better or challenge ourselves and be able to back it up with the greatest excuse ever. God. Nobody can fight with that. Regardless of whether you believe in the reason for the season, challenging yourself to get outside your comfort zone is something that we can all tolerate, its just forty days right? Wrong its actually 46 this year. But you get my point.

Funny, when I was a kid I always told my mom I was going to give up cleaning my room, or homework, apparently I needed some more comedic lessons as a child but now lent gives me a reason to improve my health or give up something that is oh soooo good but not so good for me. Its got to be about a decade now but one lent I gave up cheese. Do you realize how many things cheese is in?!?! I didn’t but I found out. I was heart broken I couldn’t even have Ranch doritos! Forget pizza, quesadillas, etc I was lost. But the main thing is.. I did it! I was so proud, my one true love in life and I had proved that it didn’t have control over me anymore! ..completely anyway.

 Veg pic

Well, this year I have decided I am doing away with meat! Then meat products, crazy right? Probably but not only will it possibly improve my health, it will most definitely broaden my culinary skills and hopefully my palate as well! I am less than 4 weeks away from the start of this journey and I am more than excited to start it. 23 days vegetarian, followed by 23 days vegan. I’m excited to share my battles with you all. Especially as I understand what training for a triathlon during this transition has in store for me! Wish me luck 😉

veg in motion


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